About The Lost Gardens

Heligan offers over 200 acres for exploration, including Victorian Productive Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, a sub-tropical Jungle, walks through ancient woodland and beautiful Cornish countryside, and the Wildlife Project allowing visitors an intimate view of native wildlife.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan are open daily all year round from 10am.
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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Poppy Power!

How can one not marvel at the site of a Poppy field in full flower?
I have just walked through our field of poppies that was sown last year to commemorate our gardens loss in the first world war. It is very moving and is really being enjoyed by all who walk through. I am sure that the field will become stronger over the coming days to a crescendo of red. If you have a moment please do go and experience this. It really is a sight not to be missed.

Summer surprises!

It often amazes me, how nature manages to present itself in such wonderful ways! Today on my rounds I went to have a look at the collection of Pelargoniums that are lovingly cared for in Pencallenick glasshouse. I must first comment that they are in superb flower and very much worth a look. However, what really grabbed me was the splendour of a mass planting of Primula helodoxa in front of this glasshouse. These yellow candelabra primulas always provide a great show and should be used more often in plantings. But this is not all! Gently rising up through this array are numerous foxgloves, giving a sense that they are floating above it all. Then looking through this you see an underplanting of Iris siberica and Oriental poppies......A great splash of colour and design that I did not expect today.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cornwall’s Finest!

Last week we hosted a Head Gardeners day for the Gardens of Cornwall. This was well attended by really nice and like minded folk. From our perspective this was a great day and we all enjoyed the walks and talks. The smiles on the crew below demonstrate this. It is a real nice way of sharing knowledge and plants/plant info so the more the better from me!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chefs in the Garden!

Its great to see our chefs and gardeners working closely together to provide the unique blend of Heligan served up on our plates. A bright sunny day and a discussion on what is nearly ready for harvest…..summer is on the way!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Team Work

Over the past week, the entire team here at The Lost Gardens have worked together to change the entrance to the gardens. Wow what a difference this has made! The whole area now feels very open and inviting, giving a real sense of arrival at such a wonderful garden. 

We all love this transformation and hope you will too! Please come along and have a look at what we have been busy with...

Friday, 6 March 2015

The Flower Train

A bizarre experience to find yourself on a train to London helping put together a Cornish spring garden!

Well the team at Heligan pulled this off this week to announce that Spring was officially here in the county.

The Great Gardens of Cornwall with the Veteran Magnollia campbellii all had at least 50 blooms on their respective trees by Tuesday this week so we took the message to London.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb

It’s the time of year I long for a fresh crumble! Yet know the first forced Rhubarb is not far away.

The best way to force rhubarb is to do it in place, without disturbing the crown, while the plants are still dormant in late winter. The idea being to cover promising buds so that light is completely blocked and, ideally, warmth is introduced.We use our Rhubarb forcing pots for this. We then bank straw up against the pot to create a snug microclimate within. This year we are trialling a very old-fashioned historic technique of mounding fresh straw/ manure around the forcers which will provide a good source of heat. You can pack the straw directly around the buds inside the pot but slugs and snails tend to find that inviting!!