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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Peach Pampering...

So as the rain began to pour last week, one of the first jobs on the 'indoor to-do list' was to prepare the peach trees for a good pampering. First things first is to defoliate the trees. There isn't a specific scientific or horticultural importance to this activity, the method in our madness is entirely down to aesthetics and time. The glass house stays at a temperature that pursued the trees to hold on the their leaves a little longer with no real benefit, therefore we strip the trees so we can get to the real deep cleaning!! The humidity and moistness of the glasshouse unfortunately results in black sooty mould on the trees, therefore once the leaves are gone we can crack on with the toothbrush, clearing as much of the mould as we can to let the trees breath again, we also re-tie and guide new branches on to the canes which are fanned against the wall. Although, your probably thinking what a horrid job, when its cold and wet outside, having your hands in warm water all day doesn't seem so bad after all. They are now all sparkly clean ready for winter, both our hands and the trees :-)

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  1. I work outside and a job in the warm is always welcome! I bet you guys were fighting to be in the peach house!